Zoom Teeth Whitening Bangkok: Phuket

Philips Zoom is well known as a professional tooth whitening system which provides teeth whitening procedure suit for patient individual needs. It is recorded that in cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening has become one of the most priorities for patients over the world. With Philips Zoom teeth whitening, different treatment procedures have been designed to suit patients' needs and sensitivity. For customer convenience at Promjai Dental Clinic, Zoom teeth whitening is ready to serve you at both Bangkok and Phuket branch.

Just 45 minutes to brighten up your smile

In just 45 minute, Philips Zoom whiteSpeed will brighten up your teeth up to 8 shades whiter

Flexible to your lifestyle

Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite are designed with understanding of patients' different lifestyle. It can be used during your day and night with the noticeably whiter teeth as a result.

Touch up anywhere you go

Because life is different every day, Philips Zoom Whitening Pen is a convenient pen-style applicator to ensure your teeth stay bright.

Maintaining your white smite

To have to your white smile for longer, generally use Philips SonicareDiamondCleanwhich is a simple whitening teethbrush. Only a week, noticeable whiter teeth will be resulted.

Take-home whiteningDayWhite

Teeth whitening Bangkok for your beautiful smile In order to maximize results with a minimal of time, Philips Zoom is proudly present DayWhite Maximum White which is a popular take-home product. It will give your dramatic results, deliver enamel protection, and reduce sensitivity.

Take-home whiteningNiteWhite

Teeth whitening Bangkok for your beautiful smile There are some patients that prefer wearing NiteWhite Maximum White over the night for lighten their teeth color. Zoom teeth whitening Bangkok is trying the best to make your smile more confident than before.

Sensitive teeth treatment

Sensitive teeth can sometime stop you from enjoyable life. DayWhite Gentle is the solution for this situation. It will deliver a gentle touch and allow you to feel smoother. In addition, it also incases surface gloss on your teeth.


Nothing to be worried during whitening sessions with DayWhite Touch-ups in hands, whenever you feel unconfident of your teeth colorjust touch-ups the product. It does not take long time for the noticeable results.

Whitening emergency

Have you ever been in last minute situation before? That is why NiteWhite Quick 3-Day is made for. It takes only 3 days for brighten up teeth color. With this special product, you will be noticed of the changes. Thanks for Zoom teeth whitening (Bangkok,Phuket).

Solve yellow teeth problem with Zoom teeth whitening Bangkok: Phuket

Change teeth discoloration to whitening teeth in Bangkok: Phuket

Fix darkening teeth with Zoom teeth whitening Bangkok: Phuket

Make a beautiful smile with Zoom teeth whitening Bangkok: Phuket

Timing: every day 9 am - 8 pm