Equipment for Sterilization and Hygiene System

Sirona DAC Professional / MELAseal

Sirona Euroklav 29Vs Steriliser / Dac Universal

Tuttnauer Autoclave / Biosonic UC300 Whaledent

Digital X-ray for Panoramic and PA

Sirona Orthophos XG Plus

Equipment for Endodontic

Microscope (ZEISS) for Root Canal therapy

The X-Smart Plus Dentsply Micromotor

Obturation Dentsply machine

Obturation Dentsply machine

AMD LASER Picasso Lite 2.5 watt Dental Laser DENTSPLY

Whitening System

Zoom Advance Tooth whitening

Brite Smile Tooth Whitening


Timing: every day 9 am - 8 pm